Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"What's in a Name?

YouTube - shirley ellis - the name game Anybody remember this song, "The Name Game" by Shirley Ellis? This classic song tells you how to rhyme any name. Start with your name, say it twice, then say Bo and your name with a "B" in front of it, then banana fana fo, then your name with an "F" instead of your first initial, then fe fi mo, then your name with an "M" in front of it, then your name. Sounds easy doesn't it? Listen to the song on this You Tube link to help you out as Shirley Ellis takes you through the song with certain names like "Tony" and "Marsha" as examples. For some of you this I'm sure is a new song whereas others will say "Oh Yeah, I remember this song!" Notice the dancers doing "The Jerk"?

I spoke recently with my friends Tucker, Bart,Mitch,Alice, and Chuck about this song and they all remembered what a fun song this is and was. For your homework assignment if you want try my friends Chuck, Bart, Mitch, Alice, and Tucker as names and after hearing "The Name Game" song and Shirley's explanation see if you too can master "The Name Game".