Thursday, August 7, 2014

Double Rainbows

Lately, I've been experiencing a greater than normal amount of rainbows. First on 7/27/14 in Vermont at a wedding with my niece Kaitlin and husband Jon on 7/27/14  in the Killington area and then on 8/6/14 at the Soundings Resort in Dennis Port on Cape Cod. The last time I saw this many rainbows in a short amount of time was probably when I went to Hawaii in the early 1980's where it rained I believe every day BUT usually only for about 10 minutes then the Sun came out and created a rainbow.  I don't know if this is a foreshadowing of something "wonderful" about to happen to me or just the fact that sunlight reacts to water vapors still in the air after a recent heavy cloudburst. Time will tell but some of these rainbows appear "out of this world" and perhaps "heavenly".  Maybe I'm due for a big "pot o' gold jackpot of some sort or maybe I'll run across someone with a "heart of gold" or maybe I'm just at the spots whether in the mountains or at the beach where there is a lot of thunder and lightening cloudbursts that clear up fairly quickly with the return of the Sun. I don't know.