Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Local Farm Stand

On the way back from inspecting a home for insurance purposes in Brewster on Cape Cod today I decided to stop at this local farm stand and buy some corn and cucumbers. The 8" cucumbers were $1.00 apiece and the corn was 50 cents each. It is good to patronize local small business efforts I think as there are in this case no waiting lines and I was driving by so this was definitely not out of my way as far as time or gas are concerned.

This farm stand reminds me of when I was four and used to sell tomatoes and cucumbers from a little red wagon that I would pull up the hilly  street on St. Michael's Terrace in Carmel , New York which is next to Brewster New York. Back then the prices were "2 for a nickel and 4 for a dime" for the vegetables. Some things I guess go up in price over time or maybe more accurately; the value of a dollar doesn't go as far as it used to from the days of yesteryear. It is somewhat coincidental I suppose that having lived in Carmel, New York next to Brewster, New York I now 50 years later live in Dennis, Mass which is next to Brewster, Mass.

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