Monday, August 11, 2014

Free Gluten?

 What's all this I hear about "free gluten" and  "gluten free" this and that? To each his own of course but I  LOVE gluten and would be even happy to pay for extra gluten especially in bread, pizza and cake,  Some people even say I go a little overboard in my gluten consumption. I've even been called a  "glutton" for gluten  by some,  I just don't understand how the gluten manufacturers and processors can give away their gluten and stay in business' How do the gluten makers pay their gluten workers; not to mention the upkeep of the gluten processing plants not to mention the electricity and other utilities and those expensive gluten making machines' Maybe there is a governmental subsidy similar to all the Huge farms that get paid not to grow certain crops or get subsidies like the sugar beet farmers do to prop up the price of sugar for example. That reminds me though; there are a lot of "sugar free" products. There again, how can these people give away free sugar? Then there is "Pepsi Free" soda. Again, how can Pepsi make any money if they give away Pepsi Free? Oh. Well. I guess these business people must know what they are doing. I just don't understand all this "free stuff" myself.