Saturday, August 16, 2014

White Raven Green Mountains Didjeridoos.


On July 28,2014 I visited the "White Raven Drum Works Shop" up in Bridgewater, Vermont almost directly across the street from the "Long Trail Brewery". Proprietor  Kai  Mayberger  makes custom crafted Didgeridoos, Flutes, and Drums and gave a demonstration of the flutes and didgeridoos.The didgeridoo is common to the aboriginal tribes of Australia and I guess requires a little practice on how to breathe properly while playing. These hand made instruments are truly a work of art. Not sure how the didgeridoo received its name or what the word means in the aboriginal language. Maybe there was a tribe member named Geri and everyone would ask " Did Geri do" his chores? Probably not, so they invented an instrument to call Geri back to the camp ground.