Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Five Years After"

Five years ago on 8/20/09 I broke my wrist playing volleyball at the Harwich recreational center while sprinting from one side of the court to the other chasing a ball that no one seemed to want to retrieve. I remember diving and sliding retrieving the ball and then putting out my right hand so the I wouldn't hit my head on the cinder block wall and snapping my wrist making my wrist look like an "S". I then remember driving myself one handed to the Cape Cod Hospital and entering the emergency room. Other memories as well but although memorable these were not fond memories. And, lucky for me, my wrist healed so well without pins or surgery so  that now it was like I never had a broken wrist at all.

I celebrated the 5 year anniversary of my "wrecked wrist" by playing volleyball tonight at "The Woodshed" in Brewster, Mass on their outdoor sand court in the back of their rear parking lot.

I remember a "Sienfield" episode where "George" had a job as a "hand model". Now, I'm not saying my hand is so great that I too could be a "hand model" but I wouldn't mind having a "hand job" like George if I
was somehow discovered by a "hand model talent agent".

Yes, Only 1826 days ago my wrist was a fractured wreck; but now with the helping hands of Dr. and Mrs. Manel my wrist can make a fist, hold a fork in my hand, and even spike a volleyball once again.