Monday, August 25, 2014

Harwich Cranberry Festival Beach Volleyball Tournament

Here are a couple of photos of the trophy I still possess from The Harwich Cranberry Festival Volleyball Tournament from some time in I believe the 1990"s. Back then I used to play volleyball sometimes 4 nights a week in 2 leagues and 2 "recreational volleyball nights". In mid-September the Town of Harwich on Cape Cod hosts an annual Cranberry Festival with parades, fireworks, arts and crafts shows, a road race and back then a day at the Red River Beach in South Harwich with a beach volleyball tournament. 

The year that my team took the "trophy" a group of my volleyball friends assembled a team that didn't happen to include me. I said to myself "O.K, I guess I'll  just have to form a team of my own and win this tournament without them. I formed a team with myself(of course), brother Scott, Bob, Brian, Jill. and Doreen. I sent my winning thoughts out into the universe the night before the tournament and went down the beach the next morning to enter the tournament. 

As it turned out the team I was on and the team with my other volleyball friends had the best records in the "round robin" format and ended up playing in the finals. The game was scored with the first team to reach 15 points being declared the winner and you had to win by 2 points. We are into the final game and my team is behind 14 to 10 in a game to 15 one point away from losing as mentioned. I thought to myself, "How  can this be?" I had already decided that my team was going to win the night before and at that moment it looked like that wasn't going to be the outcome. 

Well, our team rallied from being behind 14 to 10 to winning 16 to 14. For some reason they never had another Cranberry Harvest Volleyball Tournament in future years so my team is STILL the undisputed CHAMPION of the Cranberry Harvest Volleyball Tournaments over 20 years later.