Sunday, August 17, 2014

"Summer on the Spring Break"

I remember back in 1975 while attending the University of Connecticut (UCONN) I went on a bus tour during March "Spring Break" from Storrs Connecticut to Daytona Beach, Florida for the week. We all  stayed at the "Whitehall" an oceanfront multi-story  hotel.

During the afternoon they had some sort of "lounge act" in a fairly small bar with "comfy chairs" and tables. During the break in the entertainment I went over to the jukebox and saw that they had the song  "Love To Love You Baby" performed by disco Diva Donna Summer who recently passed away. The price for songs on the jukebox was 3 for a dollar so I decided to select this song, then again, then again so that it would play three times in a row. The song, if you are familiar with it has lots of moaning and groaning in it by Donna. I had fun doing this as this song could be really long (over 17 minutes in the original version: see the above link from You Tube).

What reminded me of this is I recently was listening to a "Pandora Comedy" station and the comic (John Mulaney) told a story about when he was 11 and he and a friend went to a local restaurant and selected 21 songs by Tom Jones "What's New Pussycat for 20 times and 1 selection of "Its Not Unusual" which they selected as the 7th selection between all the "pussycat songs". The comic then described how everybody went crazy over time and the owner pulled the plug on the jukebox after the 11th playing of "Pussycat". This description had me almost "rolling on the floor laughing" in my brother's car recently during my mini-trip to Vermont. Luckily I wasn't driving.