Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"The World Can Breathe A Little Easier"

Yes, the world can breathe a little easier  today. AND,do you want to know why? Well, I rode my bike to work today and back home afterwards thus saving the gasoline needed to power a car approximately 3.8 miles. This act on my part made the air quality improve in Dennisport on Cape Cod and depending on the air dispersal through the wind direction also helped the air quality of wherever the wind would have taken the vehicle emissions if I had driven my car. I used to ride my bike more often in past seasons to the Soundings resort and back probably at least 100 times per season which had quite an impact I'm sure on the local air quality. Recently though I don't always allow enough time to ride the bike to work and sometimes I have the time but it is either raining or the forecast was for rain. Seeing how my bikes don't have fenders it is not a good idea to ride in the rain as you end up with all the water the tires kick up getting your pants all wet. Not good to show up for work looking like you had a massive "wet accident"racing stripe with your pants. Usually riding the bike to work takes me about 10 to 12 minutes but I have made it through the 1.9 miles in as little as 8 minutes whereas a car ride usually takes about 6 minutes and 47 seconds depending on how long it takes to wait at the stop signs for the traffic to clear. I enjoy the ride from the resort to home in the dark and don't mind the added risk or danger of the dark. Some people would even say that Danger is my middle name (but its not). Sometimes I see rabbits, foxes, skunks or squirrels on the road during my travels but I have never run over any animal with my bike but I do see the effects of road kill on the road from people who drive cars.

Yes, similar to the "butterfly effect" where supposedly something as minor as the beating of a butterfly's wings can start a chain reaction of events resulting in a hurricane; my bike ride is one small step toward a cleaner atmosphere and a giant leap towards energy independence by reducing the demand for petroleum usage. Plus, think of the health benefits I receive from this bike ride. Yes, although I don't ride my bike as often as I used to; I still remember how even after a long pause between rides as once you know how to ride a bike that knowledge stays with you and you don't forget. Similar  to other motor skills in life, riding a bike is like riding a bike.