Friday, March 5, 2010

"The Best Restaurant in Town"

Working at a seasonal resort motel on Cape Cod for over thirty years at the front desk I am often asked directions and recommendations for good places to eat by the many Cape Cod visitors each year. Front desk personnel actually have a lot of influence in determining where these visitors end up eating during their visit and help frame the memories of their Cape Cod experience.

If I were a restaurant owner I would name my restaurant "The Best Restaurant In Town" because that is what many guests ask when they come up to the front desk for their dinner advice and driving directions. Hopefully with a name like "The Best Restaurant In Town" this restaurant would be a quality establishment but with a name like that even if you had terrible food and service and were located in the middle of a sewage disposal plant you would get a lot of referrals from the front desk staff and probably everybody around the town as we always want to be cordial and helpful to our tourist friends. I can see it now. "Excuse me, this is our first trip to Cape Cod and we would like to go to the best restaurant in town; (said the tourist to the front desk representative). The front desk representative replies, "Oh, you don't want to go to "The Best Restaurant In Town". The tourist replies, "Yes we do! Can we have please have directions?" The front desk representative replies, "Very well, You take a right on Dutch Elm street, take a left on Abbey Road, then a right on Sunset Boulevard then a left on Mulholland Drive cross Route 66 and then take your second exit off of Highway 69."

So there you go for better or worse, you are bound to get some business if you name your restaurant, "The Best Restaurant In Town".