Friday, March 26, 2010

Hitler and "March MadneSS"

YouTube - Hitler finds out KU lost to UNI in the 2010 NCAA tournament March, the month where the Men's and Women's NCAA basketball tournaments play out each year to determine the national champions. Known as "March Madness" each year the frenzied fans of these college teams root for their schools and fill out their brackets for the 64 teams through the rounds of games to see if they can predict the eventual champion. Many leaders including President Obama also "fill out their brackets". This year President Obama chose the favorite Kansas Jayhawks as his choice for national champion. Alas, this year Kansas lost to Northern Iowa. Another famous leader, Adolph Hitler, also picked Kansas to win the championship. Click on the You Tube link to see how Mr. Hitler reacts when he finds out that Kansas lost.

Hitler seemed so stressed in this video that I wouldn't be surprised if some day he kills himself. Chill out Adolph, basketball is just a game. It's not like the fate of Europe and Western civilization depends on whether Kansas wins the NCAA tournament; plus, maybe Kansas will do better in next year's "March MadneSS".