Tuesday, March 9, 2010


A few times last year "Annie" who worked with me at the Soundings motel front desk on Cape Cod and I would play the "secret word" game with each other to see who could say certain key words to the other fellow employees first and to see if the other employees would comment about the words we used. For example, it is best to use unusual words such as "Yikes!", "Golly" "Shazaam!", "Gee", or "Gosh" in a sentence such as "Yikes!, there sure are a lot of check-ins arriving at the same time, "Gosh" I wonder if they all got stuck in the traffic on the bridges or the Cape Cod tunnel;"Gee", I wonder when it will slow down to a more reasonable pace of activity, "Shazaam!" here comes some more people.

From what I hear Groucho Marx of the "Marx Brothers" had a television show a long time ago when he had on contestants that had a conversation with "Groucho" and if the contestants said the secret word they would win a prize. I saw a few shows but can't remember too much about them. My secret word game is pretty much the opposite of the Groucho Marx game as we would say the words and gauge the reaction and keep track to see who could say the secret words first.

You should try this game yourself some time. It probably works best with uncommon words or sayings and not as well with phrases "like you know", "n' stuff", "whatever", "and a ", as these are possibly things you say all the time in regular conversation.