Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm not a renowned chef or anything but sometimes I come up with a creative idea or two in the kitchen. Just recently, I was in the kitchen and I was getting ready to bake some potatoes in the oven. Now of course everyone has heard of baked potatoes and mashed potatoes but this day for some reason I decided to experiment and I said to myself, "I wonder what it would taste like if I tried to cut up this potato and fry it it olive oil over the stove top?" I also came up with the idea of cutting the potato real thin so it wouldn't take too long to cook. I also had some home made sea salt next to my stove and thought I would experiment and sprinkle some sea salt over these thin potato slices then see how they would taste.
"Eureka"! I said after trying one of these crispy potato slices. "These are real tasty!". I then thought "You know, I'll bet these potato slices would taste mighty fine if I ate them while drinking a beer or a cold soda pop." By Golly!, I tried some of these thin fried potatoes with a beer and really liked this combination. In fact, I liked this combination so much that I applied for a patent on this thin fried potato invention. So, please don't try this at home unless you wish to pay me a licencing fee for this new invention.
Next I had to come up with a name for this tasty salty snack. I ran through a few name choices such as "fried thin potatoes, thin salty potatoes, potato slices, potato crisps," among the many name choices for this new culinary treat. I even thought of potato chips but quickly discarded that idea as they really don't look like chips to me. To me, potato chips would mean little nicks of potato not the slices that I developed. But, potato slices don't convey the fact that these crispy treats are cooked so I think the best name is "Potato crisps" or even better "Potato Crispies".
I am pretty excited about the prospects for my new patented potato invention and intend to try to mass produce these crispy treats and maybe even see if some of the supermarket chains or even bars would be interested in selling this product. I also recently tried eating some of these potato crispies for lunch with a sandwich and thought that was a combination worth exploring. I'm even thinking of trying different flavoring on the potato crispies in the future such as cheese, barbecue flavor and maybe even salt and vinegar.
So what do you think? Does this invention have any potential? I can even imagine some day people might even want to eat my product while sitting on their couch watching TV while a movie or sporting event is playing. Call me crazy but I think "Potato Crispies" just might catch on.