Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I noticed while walking through a local cemetery near my house on Cape Cod the following inscription on a grave marker the phrase "SHE DIDN'T VOTE FOR NIXON".

It is hard to encapsulate any life after that life has ended in one sentence or phrase. However, I don't know if I would personally want to be remembered for something I didn't do instead of hopefully something positive that I did. How about you? There are so many things or experiences that none of us can possibly do or don't do in one lifetime. Does this phrase mean that that she wanted to vote for Nixon and was telling all her friends "I'm going to vote for Nixon" but then her car broke down on the way to the voting booth and then her phone was out of order due to a freak electrical thunderstorm and that she was unable to call any of her friends for a ride? Or, maybe she wasn't a fan of Nixon and wanted to make sure that she was never accused of voting for Nixon in her lifetime and beyond.

Me, I never ate a dog or cat but I don't think I want that to be on my grave marker. I never visited Antarctica so far in my lifetime and probably never will although you never know. What haven't you done that you want to be the phrase that summarises your lifetime?