Friday, March 19, 2010

"The Final Countdown?"

This Sunday 3/21 may be the day that the Congress votes on whether to take further control of the health care system by trying to pass the Senate version of the health care bill. The Congress may resort to using the "Slaughter Solution" which would subvert the US Constitution by voting not on the Senate bill itself but on a series of amendments to the Senate bill while "deeming" that the Senate bill is accepted without having an actual vote on the Senate bill so representatives can say, "Oh! I didn't vote for that Senate bill", while in effect they did vote for this bill even though the vast majority of the American populace is against this putrid piece of dung.

3.....2....1....0....Zero a bunch of Zeros we have in Congress. The final countdown has begun. Can we really afford another trillion dollar program? And, what is this talk about "saving" 500 Billion dollars in Medicare waste,fraud, and abuse found in the current program, IF there is that amount of inefficiency and corruption in the current program why isn't this amount already taken out of Medicare and Medicaid? The problem with government programs is that there is really no incentive to try to run a program as efficient as possible. In fact, if a government program was run efficiently then there is a chance that that program budget would be reduced in following years so what happens is that government spends the money on something just to make sure that their budget is not reduced in future years.

Although we do not live in a democracy in America (a representative republic); it is going to be interesting to see the results that occur on my next birthday (November 2nd, election day) if this turkey health care bill becomes the law of the land against the overwhelming disdain by the public of this health care abomination.