Sunday, March 14, 2010


I recently re-watched the classic movie "Dunston Checks In" starring "Dunston" the orangutan checks into a 5 star hotel the "Majestic" and has all sorts of "high-jinx" and mad capped "monkey shine" adventures at this fancy hotel run by Jason Alexander ("George" of Seinfeld) with Faye Dunaway as the heartless hotel chairman of the Board and also with Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) who is hired to kill Dunston.
Some people say that the performances by Ms. Dunaway, Mr. Alexander and Reubens in this movie were some of the best in their respective careers. Of course, the incomparable "Dunston" give his usual great starring performance. Although first released around 1996, "Dunston Checks In" is still a funny and timely film with a happy ending for kids of all ages to enjoy.
To me, "Dunston" is one of the all time great orangutan actors and ranks up there with "Clyde" the star of the "Every Which Way But Loose" movies with Clint Eastwood. Now I don't know if this film could be made today as when "Dunston" first started out he worked for peanuts but now he commands a big salary and of course demands top billing in his movies as he considers himself the top banana.