Thursday, March 11, 2010

Winter Salt Marsh

Here's a photo of a North side Salt Marsh in Dennis on Cape Cod taken this Winter as I was inspecting a high value home that abuts this marsh. The owners said they often see deer frolicking in this marsh. Oh dear, it was cold that day! I guess that happens during the Winter; some days are cool and some days are cold.
Every year we having Spring and Summer warming trends and longer days and the days get shorter with cooling trends in the Fall and Winter. For some reason, and maybe it is just me;I think the sun has a lot to do with global warming and cooling based on the length of the days and the angle of the solar radiation as evidenced by the four seasons. Yes, to me the sun is the star of determining global temperatures with a lot more of an important role in temperature changes than any effect than mankind can or cannot affect the climate. Yes, there was "climate change" each year in the northern hemisphere even before the dawn of man.