Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Big Lummox"

I heard today that the woman masseuse who claimed that ex Vice President Al Gore made "unwanted sexual contact" toward her while he was staying at a hotel in Portland, Oregon in October, 2006 when he allegedly registered at the Hotel Lucia as "Mr. Stone", called Albert (You can call me Al) Gore a "big lummox" and a "sex poodle". I don't know, is sticking your tongue down some one's throat after eating chocolate and drinking Gran Marnier as the "God of Global Warming" is alleged to have done; is that inappropriate behavior with someone you don't really know without asking permission? What do you think?

You don't hear the word "lummox" much these days; at least I don't. I decided to investigate the definition of the word "lummox" and found that "lummox" is defined as a "clumsy or stupid person". Other "lummox" terms include "gawk, goon, lout,lubber, oaf,stumble bum,clod, and lump." Do these terms seem appropriate to describe the "founder of the Internet"? I've noticed that I've never heard the term "little lummox" or "medium sized lummox"; just "big lummox".

Time will tell the fate of "Mr. Stone" (aka Al Gore) and it is not my place to pass judgement on his alleged behavior and it is uncertain as to whether charges will result from this alleged incident. In America everyone is presumed innocent and I for one don't know all the facts.It would be somewhat ironic perhaps though if Al Gore is charged and convicted of sexual assault and has to face jail time before his impeached buddy President Bill (Slick Willie) Clinton.