Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Wow, That's A BIG Hole!"

Sinkhole in Guatemala: Giant Could Get Even Bigger Did you hear about or see pictures of this giant sinkhole in Guatemala that occurred last Sunday? This sinkhole is about sixty feet wide and about 30 stories deep! It swallowed a three story building. Imagine being in that building sitting back and having a cervesa or a shot of tequila along with your dinner burrito and then have this sink hole suddenly appear and find yourself plunging thirty stories towards the center of the earth. That would be a change of pace and something different to experience for sure.

I imagine that it will take quite a bit of rocks and dirt to fill that hole. Definitely bigger than some of the pot holes we encounter after the Winter in New England. I'm not sure I would try to cross this sink hole with my car (unless I had a jet engine strapped to my car and a ramp so I could try to jump across).