Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bobby Jindal

I don't know about you but I want to state for the record that I am impressed with Louisianna Governor Bobby Jindal from what I have seen on television and the Internet. It appears to me that Bobby Jindal is articulate, and has a command of his state with the recent adversities of a current nature such as a recent hurricane and the the massive oil spill. I think Bobby Jindal is a "rising star" in the Republican party and the type of leader that America should consider when this country decides to replace our current disaster of a president in 2012. Contrary to our current president who has time for golf and basketball interviews with Marv Albert; but no time to help coordinate a solution to the worst environmental disaster in United States history. No, our current president would rather host Hollywood and music industry stars such as the aging Beatle Paul McCartney singing "Michelle" than give more than empty platitudes of how concerned he is about the oil spill. Where was the presidential leadership as apparently the government agencies wasted over a month deciding how to react to this situation?

I can't really blame President Obama for his ineptitude that much for although he is a charismatic teleprompter reader he has had no real management experience in the private sector at all so he was and is ill prepared to deal with the job and responsibilities required to be an effective president. Being a community organizer, running a political campaign, and heading the Harvard Law Review to me is not enough or the right kind of experience needed to to be president. The two recent White House music parties remind me somewhat of the time in ancient Rome when Emperor Nero "fiddled while Rome was burning", during the decline of the Roman empire which crumbled from within from excess hedonism and corruption.

What do you think? Do you like the current policies of "hope and change"? Me, I "hope there is a change" from this "Obamanation" and I think Bobby Jindal would be the type of person to consider as our next president; he appears to be smart, articulate, and also an experienced leader.