Friday, June 18, 2010

"Clueless or Ideologically Shrewd?"

The recent and ongoing disaster that this the BP oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico makes me wonder about President Obama. Is he "clueless" on how to react or is he deliberate in his slow inaction to this crisis as part of an ideological strategy as a shrewd way to obtain his ultimate goals? I can't claim to know the answer but it does make me wonder.

For example, why the lack of presidential leadership in reacting to this oil spill? Why did President Obama wait over 50 days before even reaching out to talk with the BP leaders? The Dutch offered assistance in helping clean up this spill and their offer wasn't accepted. Why weren't other oil companies contacted to see if they had oil skimmers, booms, and the expertise and manpower to help contain this oil spill? Why wasn't the US military and National guard units more involved in the cleanup efforts? Why did the US Coast Guard stop the efforts of Louisianna Governor Bobby Jindal to have skimmers and boats help in the cleanup because they had to check to see if these boats had the proper life jackets on board the ships? Meanwhile the oil keeps flowing and flowing.

Now, although I don't agree with the presidential handling, mishandling, inept and untimely response to this oil crisis; the question once again is, "Is the president clueless or ideologically shrewd?" What could be the president's agenda if in fact he knows what he is doing during this situation? Well, if the grand scheme or goal of this president is to institute a carbon tax on all fossil fuels to move America away from an oil and coal based energy economy toward a clean energy program of solar and wind power then maybe he is willing to sacrifice the Gulf region of this country. Maybe this president is so beholden to his union based political support that he doesn't want this oil mess to be cleaned up by anyone other than union workers. Maybe he needs a new nemesis to replace George W. Bush as the scapegoat for all his failings and maybe "Big Oil" will be the new scape goat.

What do you think? Is this president clueless due to his inexperience or is he trying to use this oil spill crisis as part of a greater overall strategy of trying to expand the role of government in the economy? Is the president doing a good job in your opinion? Is this president the change you thought you were going to get when he was elected? Does this president deserve a second term?
Time will tell as this oil leak keeps going and going and going and going......... .