Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"I blame Bush"

I just heard on the news on the TV that the cause of the Al Gore- Tipper Gore marital separation was George W. Bush. Yes, George W. Bush, defeating Al Gore and his attempt to steal the election in the year 2000 by trying to get a selective recount in Florida and not being able to win his home state of Tennessee; was today announced the cause of the Gore separation. Apparently George W. Bush is the cause and the excuse to use for anything bad that happens today if you are a liberal, democrat, or communist, assuming that there is any difference in these political perspectives.

I stubbed my toe today as I was walking up my front steps after feeding the birds at my bird feeder and getting the mail. Was this my fault this I hurt my toe? NO!!, To me George W. Bush was at fault, "I blame Bush!!" If Al Gore had won the election back in the year 2000 I sincerely doubt that I would have stubbed my toe ten years after that event. Last night I spilled some spagetti sauce on a nice white shirt and I'm sure that George W. Bush had something to do with my clumsiness. Yes, George W. Bush is the cause of any accident, tragic event, and even an extra long wait at a traffic light not only over the last ten years but also into the infinite future.

No one in America, particularly democrat politicians, is responsible for anything because there was a time when George W. Bush was our President.