Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Playin' with His Putter"

It is refreshing to see that President Barak Obama had a chance to play golf again this Saturday with Vice President "Average Joe" Biden. I guess the little problem of a tiny drop or two (or a few trillion drops) of oil decimating the Gulf Coast wildlife and the jobs of fishing and tourism dependent people shouldn't get in the way of hitting "the links". After all, how are you going to improve your golf game Mr. President if you don't practice? And, what's the use of being president if you can't get on the old golf course any time you feel like it? I'm not sure how you can be working on fixing the oil spill damage "24/7" unless you are using one of those "bluetooth" phone devices while you are driving away off the golf tees and "playin' with his putter" up on the greens. I'm glad we have such a carefree president like President Obama; this way he will be alert and focused if he ever perceives a crisis needing his attention. Maybe, President Obama was a big fan of "Mad" magazine when he was a youngster because he sure displays the attitude of that gap toothed kid, "Alfred E. Newman" the "What me worry?" star. Maybe there will be a lot of "Mad" voters this November and again in 2012.