Sunday, March 15, 2009


As a youngster I can remember watching many an episode of the "Captain Kangaroo" show during the morning on black and white television. This show was one of the longest aired children's shows of all time running on the CBS network from 1955-1984; perhaps you have seen it. This show then ran on public television from 1986-1993.

Bob Keeshan played "Captain Kangaroo", named for his big coat pockets. The "Captain would tells stories and converse with the regular characters and guests on the show. While attending Marietta College in 1972 I was told that Bob was an alumnus of the college. I have since learned that Bob Keeshan attended Fordham University in New York.

"Mr. Green Jeans" played by Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum, was "Captain Kangaroo's" main sidekick. Other characters on the show included "Bunny Rabbit", a puppet who always tricked the Captain into giving him some carrots. "Mr. Moose", a puppet, who would tell "knock knock" jokes and then the Captain would be showered from above by a bunch of ping pong balls. These puppet characters were played by Cosmo "Gus" Agretti who also portrayed "Grandfather Clock","Dancing Bear" and a few others.

Another character was the somewhat unusual "Banana Man" played by Sam Levine. The "Banana Man" would perform a tune that sounded something like this, "leeeee laalaalaalaalaalaa leeelooo" then he would produce a huge bunch of bananas or watermelons from his pocket and say "WOW HA HA" in a high voice.

Yes, "The Captain Kangaroo Show' had many memorable characters. Which character or characters did or do you like? Do you like "Bunny Rabbit?". Do you like "Mr. Green Jeans?". Do you like "Mr. Moose?". Do you like "Grandfather Clock?". Do you like "The Banana Man?"

Do you like "Dancing Bear?".