Thursday, March 19, 2009


Back in the spring semester of my sophomore year at the University of Connecticut in 1974 I lived in Belden hall of the Alumni Quad. My high school friend Bill DeMallie went to UCONN as well and lived in the North Campus area known as "Towers". "Towers" was named after the nearby water towers found at the start of the campus. Across the street from "Towers" are the rolling hills, cow pastures and dairy barns used for the School of Agriculture where the milk is produced for the campus use as well as the ice cream used for the UCONN dairy bar.

One evening Bill invited me up to his part of the campus to partake in a "pizza night". The "pizza night" was held at a nearby women's dormitory cafeteria in "Towers" which invited Bill's dorm over to meet their residents and eat some pizza. As I recall there must have been about forty large pizza boxes there to feed both dorms that night.

After all the pizza was consumed, some of the men from Bill's dorm went over to the large stack of empty pizza boxes and stated to remove the circular cardboard pizza disks. All of a sudden the cafeteria air was filled with "flying pizza plates" as the men started to wing these plates to and fro.

I guess these guys wanted to impress their hosts with their sophistication and class.