Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This sketch by renowned artist Norman Rockwell entitled "First Haircut" was inspired by Norman Rockwell's barber Archille "Scotty" Cibelli. "Scotty" although of Italian descent, speaks with a Scottish accent and used to cut Norman Rockwell's hair at his barber shop in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
Scotty decided to expand and he purchased "Cal's" barber shop located on Main Street in downtown Dennis Port on Cape Cod. I found a condominium unit for Scotty and his wife Jessie to live in which was located a few hundred yards away from the barber shop. Scotty was able to walk to his shop.
I used to have my hair cuts at Cal's, and continued to have my hair cuts with Scotty. This original Norman Rockwell sketch was displayed at the barber shop. Scotty's son Mike took over this barber shop but Scotty would still cut hair at the shop from time to time. Mike and his wife decided to sell the shop to another barber named Jeremy Pina who used to work with Mike. Jeremy is now the current owner of this barber shop.
So, Norman Rockwell and I had the same barber, Archille "Scotty" Cibelli.