Thursday, March 12, 2009

YouTube - Rocky Horror Picture Show Trailer

YouTube - Rocky Horror Picture Show Trailer I remember one summer night during the 1980's going to see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Cape Cinema located just off of Route 6A in Dennis, Mass. on the Cape.My friend Jim Byrne was visiting me one weekend from the Boston, Mass area. (click on the link to see a trailer of this cinematic cult classic)

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" was released in 1975 as an adaptation of a British theatrical production "The Rocky Horror Show". Starring Tim Curry as "Frank N. Furter", Susan Sarandon as "Janet Weiss" and Barry Bostwick as "Brad Majors"; this film is narrated by Charles Gray the "criminologist." This comedy musical picture makes fun of the science fiction and horror movie genre. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is the longest running film release in history and still plays today in limited release particularly in "midnight madness" late shows.

Many people attend this movie dressed as movie characters and/or bring props such as newspapers, toast, spraying water bottles along with shouting at the movie screen at appropriate times as frequent viewers pretty much know the movie lines by memory. There is a dance number known as the "Time Warp" and some people from the audience dance in the aisles along in time to movie dancers.

The night Jim and I were at the movie there was a man dressed in his military uniform a couple rows ahead of where we were seated. This fellow was at the movie with his wife or girlfriend and apparently was attending the movie for the first time. He wasn't aware of the audience participation aspects of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" experience. There is a scene in the movie where "Brad & Janet" are out in the rain in front of the "Transsexual Transylvanian Castle" of "Frank N. Furter". People in the audience at this point were spraying water throughout the theatre from spray bottles and squirt guns and covering their heads with newspaper to mimic the action of the movie. The unaware military audience member yelled out, "HEY, CUT THAT OUT!!" as he started to get sprayed with water along with everyone else. Later in the movie, "Frank N. Furter" says "a toast" to welcome "Brad & Janet" to the transsexual convention party going on at the castle. At this point in the movie, audience members started to wing toast and bread throughout the theatre and the flying toast kind of looked like mini flying saucers.

Actor Charles Gray, "the narrative criminologist" says many lines that let the viewing audience interact with the movie. This narrator didn't appear to have a neck. The audience would call out,"where's your neck?" everytime the narrator appeared on the screen. One memorable line from the narrator is "and so we see Brad & Janet, lost in time(pause) the audience then yells during this pause"what's your favorite TV show?"; the narrator in the movie continues,"lost in space." The military man in the audience yells out "HEY, BE QUIET, I'M TRYING TO WATCH THE MOVIE!!"

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is always an experience. So, practice your "time warp" dance steps for an upcoming show of this classic cult,campy, comedic,musical,horror,science-fiction,audience participatory spoof.