Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My friend and fellow Realtor Phyllis Gustafson had a small power boat moored in Bass River, Mass when she was a member of the Bass River Yacht Club. She would offer to take me out on her boat for a ride up Bass River and Nantucket Sound along the West Dennis beach waterway areas on a few summer afternoons to enjoy the sea,sunshine,salt spray, and scenery.

One memorable trip we were cruising up Bass River on our way up to the ocean. We get out in the ocean waters and Phyllis put her motor boat into idle so that we could enjoy the day and talk a while. For some reason, I have no problem with being on a boat as long as the diesel engine boat is moving; but a stationary motor boat with the up and down motion of the waves and the smell of the diesel engine fumes makes me kind of queasy and suffer from "seasickness or motion sickness."

I tried my best to get through the rocking motion of the stationary boat and the diesel fumes but sometimes "your body has a mind of its own" and my body told me it was time to "puke" or give the fish some " fish food". So, I started "upchucking or blowing chunks" over the side of her boat.

Phyllis, of course, saw me doing this and asked if I was OK. I told her that I guess the diesel fumes got to me. She then took the boat out of idle and commenced to go back to the Bass River Yacht Club clubhouse. After the boat was anchored in the middle of the river and we were given a boat taxi ride over to the clubhouse dock; Phyllis offered to buy me a hot dog and coke for lunch. I said that sounded good to me. I guess donating some previous food to the fishes had given me an appetite.