Tuesday, March 10, 2009

UFOs and Aliens

UFOs and Aliens Back in 1975 as a junior at the University of Connecticut I was co-chairman of the Media-Film and Lecture committee of the Student Union Board of Governors at the Storrs, Connecticut campus. One evening we had a lecture by John W. White who spoke about the presence of extra terrestrial beings throughout the universe and all sorts of mind bending concepts.

Through this lecture I came in contact with Dr. Kenneth Ring who was in the psychology department at UCONN. Dr. Ring later became known as an authority on NDE (Near Death Experiences) and has written many books on his experiments and experiences of people who have been pronounced "dead" and later were revived.

The link above deals with a compilation of UFO terms and definitions. Who really knows what is out there in the vast reaches of the universe. To me it is hard to believe that planet earth is the only place where life exists. Who knows? What does it all mean? The universe and life is a mystery. We are a part of the puzzle.
But probably not the only part. It makes you wonder.