Friday, March 20, 2009

YouTube - Pure Prairie League -Amie (High Quality)

YouTube - Pure Prairie League -Amie (High Quality) During the fall term of my sophomore year at Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio in 1973; I had a roommate named Kelly Swink. I remember Kelly had a stereo system at that time that had a lot of clear tubes in it. Kelly was born in Columbus, Ohio. He told me that Craig Fuller, the lead guitar and lead singer for the group "Pure Prairie League" (click on above YouTube link for their most popular song "Aime" ) was his cousin and we used to play the "Bustin' Out" album quite a bit back then.

"Pure Prairie League" can be classified as a "country rock" band formed in the mid 1960's with Craig Fuller,Tom McGrail,Jim Caughlan and John David Call who knew each other since high school. There were several changes over the years with people joining and leaving the band. Vince Gill was a member of the band in the early 1980's. Craig Fuller, in the late 1980's was the lead singer for the band "Little Feat". After an almost twenty year gap the band released an album in 2006 called "All In Good Time" their fourteenth album.

To me, some of the background harmonies of "Pure Prairie League" remind me of "The Eagles". I think my favorite "Pure Prairie League" song is "Early Morning Riser." Check them out on record or live if they come through your area.