Monday, March 2, 2009


Back in 1975-76 I was a senior at the University of Connecticut and lived in Crandall D, a coed dormitory in South Campus. From time to time we would have dorm meeting called by our resident assistant Jim to discuss the dormitory issues of the day.

One issue discussed was what to do about a picture window that was accidentally broken by Greg Sinay, a dorm resident who was a kicker on the UCONN football team. One viewpoint is that all the residents should offer to agree to split the replacement cost of this window equally with their college breakage fee. I argued that everyone should be responsible for their own actions and that Greg should pay for this window as he was responsible for the window damage. A vote was taken and the dorm voted to assess the cost equally among all the residents.

A few days later at the end of the spring semester; I was playing ping pong with Tony Aloisio in the dorm basement. Tony and I were playing away. I held the ping pong paddle "Chinese style" with the paddle down and handle up. I was putting a spin on the ball and the paddle slipped out of my hand and went sailing across the basement and right through a small basement window. Tony found this to be somewhat funny and ironic.

As I was an advocate of personal responsibility as mentioned above; I paid for this basement window myself as well as being assessed a share of the picture window.