Wednesday, March 4, 2009


They say that everyone has a "double" in this life. I ran into mine in 1976 while attending the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut.

I lived in Crandall D dormitory in South Campus. My sister Janet also went to UCONN and lived in a nearby dorm also in South Campus. One day my other sister Leeanne was visiting Janet and they were in a car riding through the South Campus parking lot and they see someone and said to each other "Hey, there's Rick." That wasn't me however.

I saw my "double" one time at "Kathy John's." Kathy John's is an off-campus casual restaurant that has ice cream sundaes, hamburgers and fries, hot dogs, etc.. This restaurant is similar to the Friendly's restaurant chain.

I was with my friends, Jack Ardini, Tony Aloisio, Lew Geswauldi, and Joh DeStefano at Kathy John's when in walks my "double". My friends all said to me,"Rick is that you?" I replied "No, I think I'm right here." My "double" was in the "take out" line waiting to get some ice cream. I walked up near my "double" without speaking to him and started to mimic his posture and gestures. My friends enjoyed my antics and had a good laugh.

I'm not a twin,but I did meet my "double".