Tuesday, May 12, 2009


YouTube - Bugsy Siegel and the Mob arrive in Las Vegas (a history) Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel a mob figure in the 1940's helped develop the Las Vegas Strip when he built the Flamenco Hotel three miles out of the center of Las Vegas and Fremont Street out in the desert right after World War II. "Bugsy" was later killed in 1947 due to cost over runs on the construction of the Flamenco of over four million dollars ( as shown in the You Tube link on the history of the "Mob" involvement in Las Vegas.

In the movie "Bugsy" starring Warren Beatty there is one scene that stuck in my mind where "Bugsy" wanted to become a film actor and he was practicing his diction in Los Angeles shortly before he was killed. Warren as "Bugsy" said "Twenty dwarfs took turns doing tumbles on the carpet." again and again. Besides being a device to practice your diction this phrase also extols the benefits of exercise no matter how tall you are and also politeness as these dwarfs took turns and waited for each of their fellow dwarfs to finish their tumble before the next dwarf performed his tumble. This polite attitude by the dwarfs also probably prevented accidents as it would probably turn into mayhem if twenty dwarfs were all tumbling at the same time on the carpet and tumbling in to each other and perhaps tumbling into chairs and sofas in a carpeted living room for example.

So, follow the advise of the twenty dwarfs and be polite while you exercise. Don't follow the example of "Bugsy" and have a large cost overrun in the millions of dollars if your partners are ruthless mobster killers or you too could end up shot to death at your girlfriend's place.