Tuesday, May 12, 2009


YouTube - Staind "It's Been A While" On the night of June 4, 2006 I went to Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in downtown Providence, Rhode Island to see the Jagermeister Music Tour featuring Staind, Three Days Grace, and Hurt with my brother Scott and his wife Leslie. Lupo's is a funky kind of place that looks like it was a former movie theater or playhouse as there is a balcony and a main level where you can stand or "slam dance" if you want. We decided to sit upstairs in the balcony. They serve beer and other drinks at Lupo's and of course that night they also had Jaegermeister ice cold shots available as well.

The first featured band "Hurt" featured a song called "Rapture". My brother Scott liked this band and ended up buying their album after hearing them at this show.

Next up "Three Days Grace" played a few songs including "I Hate Everything About You" , "Just Like You and "Animal I Have Become." The bass player Brad Walst had a "Mohawk" haircut and had a unique way of playing his bass guitar as he would hold the guitar up in the air vertical to the stage with his left hand and play with his right hand.

The headline band "Staind" with lead singer "Aaron Lewis was formed in 1995 in Springfield, Mass. They are one of my favorite bands. (Check out the You Tube link for their song "It's Been A While". ) Among their albums are "Break The Cycle," "Chapter V," "14 Shades of Grey" and "The Illusion Of Progress". Staind has a variety of musical style from hard rockin' to slower ballad type acoustic songs.

As mentioned, they serve drinks at Lupo's. I was wearing my UCONN baseball type cap on my head for this show. I bought a beer and settled in to my seat up in the balcony. They had a couple of Jaegermeister promotional young women who went around and started to throw some black Jagermeister hats to the crowd. I ended up catching one of the hats and put this hat on top of my other hat as I was holding a beer in my hands. There were a couple of young blond girls seated in front of my seat slightly lower than my seat in the balcony. In the row behind me were a couple of guys whose seats were slightly elevated from my seat. With my two hats balanced on my head; I suddenly felt that my Jagermeister hat was missing. This black hat was hard to see in a dark theater and for some reason I thought that the two guys in back of me had taken this hat as I didn't see the hat. I turned around to look at these two guys and see if they had my lost hat. Meanwhile I guess I forgot that I still had a fairly full beer in my right hand and when I turned to my left to turn around my right hand holding my beer tipped over and spilled all over the right shoulder and shirt of the young blond girl seated one row below. She gave a small shout of surprise at having my cold beer giving her an unrequested shower.

Her shout brought me back to attention and I righted my glass of beer so she didn't get to experience the full glass of beer. I explained to her and apologized for my clumsiness and told her that the spilt beer was an accident. I bought her a beer to compensate her for her cool, foamy, beer shower.

It was a memorable show. As they say on my Jagermeister hat. "Shots Happen".