Monday, May 25, 2009


Back in the 1980's while working for the Manning family in Dennis Port on Cape Cod I worked with their tour company called Cape Tours Inc. During the football season we used to offer bus tours up to Schaeffer Stadium in Foxboro, Mass to see the New England Patriots play at some of their home games. In addition to the round trip bus ride we included a grinder sandwich (aka sub or hoagie) and a keg of beer for the trip. We ordered the food from "Hungry Louie's" a local Dennis Port restaurant located on Depot street.

It was a fun time for all as our Plymouth & Brockton chartered bus got to park right close to the stadium entrance so we didn't have to worry about parking and we were among the first to leave after the game and not have to wait for hours to leave the parking lot like some people who drove to the games.

I would have to try to sell any extra tickets we had outside the gate. Back then there was no security team to search everyone before entering the old stadium which has since been replaced by the modern Gillette Stadium under the current ownership of Robert Kraft and his family.
The old Schaeffer Stadium featured aluminum benches with numbers printed on the bench and no real seat to sit in. We all as fans would have to do our best to wedge ourselves into the benches to see the games.

I remember one game was a Monday Night Football game between the visiting Oakland Raiders and the home town New England Patriots lead by quarterback Steve Grogan. Other players of the era on the Patriots included wide receiver Stanley Morgan, offensive lineman John Hannah, and running back Moise Tatupu.

The Patriot's home games back then had a reputation of being quite rowdy as there would be generally a series of fights in the stands for the fans to watch in addition to watching the football game. This particular Patriots/ Raiders game was especially wild from the fan fight perspective. I remember that some people from above our group seats started to throw full cups of beer giving our group a free "golden shower" of beer and this activity spread throughout other sections of the stadium.

This game made such an impression that for quite a long time after there were no Monday Night Football games scheduled at Schaeffer Stadium. So, after this game we all had memories of the sights and sounds of the on field football action as well as the feel of sticky beer soaked clothes and the smell of the beer drenched "golden stadium shower. "