Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Back in 1976 as a senior at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut I was a soldier in the War between the North and the South (Campus). That year I lived in Crandall D dormitory in South Campus.

One early spring evening we in South Campus were invaded by a group of students from the North Campus Towers dormitories. This hoard of vandals from the North swarmed our tranquil southern locale. They stormed into our dorm and set off shaving cream all over our first floor lounge by punching a hole in several pressurized cans. These Yankee Northerners then ran outside as we scrambled outside after the invaders. The Northerners came equipped with trash cans which they filled from a nearby pond known as "Mirror Lake". With their loaded cans of pond scum filled water they came back to our South Campus homeland and proceeded to douse some of our residents with their water as well as throwing colorful water balloons.

It was time for our counter attack. We quickly opened our first floor kitchen and came up with a few crates of eggs. We grabbed our share of these eggs and set out in a pincer movement by attacking with our eggs from two directions. After a few of the Northerners were hit with the eggs they retreated with egg on their face. The Northerners were chicken in the face of our egg attack and peace was again restored to our beloved Southern homestead.