Friday, May 8, 2009

"They Serve Eels"

About fifteen years years ago I was working one night at the Soundings motel in Dennis Port on Cape Cod with a fellow named "Vinny" at the evening shift of the motel front desk. At that time there was a restaurant directly across the street from the ocean front location of the Soundings called "Tuckers".

Toward the end of the evening after we had finished our work and all the check-ins had arrived we decided to create a false menu for "Tuckers" and post this on the motel office bulletin board to see if anyone working the morning shift would notice and comment. Through the wonder of our office copy machine we cut out the true logo for "Tuckers" and pasted this on a sheet of copy paper and then copied this paper so that we had an official looking document and proceeded to type up a dinner menu.

One menu creation we called the "Mother Tucker". This meal choice consisted of the following:

Scallops sauteed in white wine
Whitefish in our original white sauce
Parsnips steamed to perfection
Mashed potato with white cheddar cheese twice baked
Wonder bread $14.95

Our other menu creation was the "International House of Tucker"

Tortilla Aye Caramba!!
Urchin A seafood delicacy !!
Cabbage Irish you good luck !!
Kielbasa Polish delight !!
Eels A Japanese delicacy served live or steamed !!
Rice Fried Chinese style !! (served with Wonder bread) $16.95

We posted this menu on the office bulletin board. The next day we heard that our day manager Sally said to the manager, "What do you know "Tuckers" serves eels! "