Friday, May 1, 2009


YouTube - The Craft (1996) Trailer Three years ago in late September I was working at the evening shift of the Soundings motel front desk with Claire Contardo. It was approximately ten o' clock in the evening and we had finished all of our work for the night and all of our guests had arrived that were due to check -in to this oceanfront motel in Dennis Port on Cape Cod.

We decided to turn on the television as we waited to answer any phone calls or guest requests. The movie "The Craft" (see You Tube link for the 1996 trailer) was on and we decided to watch it. "The Craft" starred four high school age girls (Robin Tunney, Rachel True,Faruca Bailk, and Neve Campbell) who attended St. Bernard's Catholic School. These four girls in the movie were invoking spirits, curses, chants, spells, witchcraft and other occult mayhem against anyone in the school that they didn't like.

One scene in the movie was particularly memorable. In this scene the four girls decide to go down to the beach and light a small fire in the sand and then form a candle lit circle around the fire. The girls then stood at each quadrant of the circle and raised their hands to the sky to summon forth the spirits and powers of nature. Their powers were enhanced with the four of them together invoking their magic. As they were in the middle of their chant and lightning was called forth all of a sudden Claire and I hear a tremendous BOOOOOOOM!! which sounded like a bomb went off somewhere on the motel property. This explosion sounded like it was right under us so I went outside the office to investigate.

Underneath the motel office we have pool filters and piping for the indoor pool and jacuzzi as these amenities are located in back of the office about twelve feet from the back door of the motel lobby in a separate building. I opened the basement bulkhead door to see if everything was OK. I was greeted with an overpowering smell of chlorine gas as I took a deep breath before proceeding into the basement. The gas made my eyes tear up and burn so I had to turn around and go back upstairs. We called our chief maintenance manager Jeff Murray. Jeff came down and found a gas mask which he put on and went into the basement. He found that a plastic pipe had exploded and shattered.

Now I don't know how those teenage witches caused that pipe to explode just from watching their movie "The Craft" especially as this movie was filmed ten years prior to our exploding pipe. I guess those chants and invoking of the spirits don't have a time limit on them for that was one explosive movie. Those girls sure had the black magic touch.