Saturday, May 16, 2009


About four years ago just before Christmas I went to a "psychic" in Rhode Island. My sister in law Leslie Shaw paid for this psychic reading for me as a birthday present. The psychic, let's call her "Lori " gives readings at her home.

I drove down to Rhode Island from Cape Cod and was a little bit early for my scheduled appointment. "Lori" was just entering her home with some groceries in her arms when I arrived. Although we had never met before "Lori" told me that her spirit guides were saying to her "tires,tires" as I drove up to her house. It just so happens that I have always had some problems with both of my car's tires as they must have a slow leak in them. Somehow she knew this as I doubt that she could see and discern my tire inflation level from over one hundred feet away with her arms full of groceries.

The "reading" was held in the lower level of her raised ranch home where there is a finished apartment all decorated in shades of pink. As the session began we held hands as she said a prayer and then requested an article of jewelry from me that she could hold during the "reading". I wasn't wearing any rings so I gave her my watch.

"Lori" mentioned that she is clairvoyant and clairaudient. She sees moving pictures an symbols when she closes her eyes and also hears what her spirit guides tell her during each session. For example one image she saw for me was a gold coin which she interpreted that I would have good luck.

One of her spirit guides is a deceased Indian, another guide is a deceased English doctor. The "doctor" does a body scan and mentions areas of the body that the person having a "reading" should pay special attention. Some of "Lori's" observations pertain to the person having the "reading" and some of her thoughts pertain to people close to the person having a reading.
"Lori" mentioned that she saw someone with a hurt knee from snowboarding or skiing. It turns out that my brother had hurt his knee while snowboarding.

Now, how does she do it? I don't know for sure but my guess is that "Lori" is able to tune in to the frequency of her spirit guides which is a higher vibration level than normal human everyday living. Mediums seem to be able to raise their level of consciousness to a higher plane and make the connection.

"Lori" in the past has been on radio programs and is able to give people "readings" from just listening to the voice of the callers.