Friday, May 29, 2009


I remember when my Dad's mother (Grandma Shaw) was visiting our house one evening when she was about seventy-eight years old. That evening she had her first sip of beer in her life. She said "Oh!, that's so bitter!!" and made a face showing her displeasure with her beer sip.

I guess beer is an acquired taste. Some drinks and food you have to get used to though and the first impression can be changed over repeated use. Me, I like beer and appreciate the different types of beer available. I'll drink almost any kind of beer as long as the beer is cold and I'm thirsty.

Perhaps Grandma Shaw should have tried a "Keystone Light"beer as their beer commercials say to drink "Keystone Light" to prevent " bitter beer face". Back then though in the early 1970's I'm not sure if "Keystone Light" was available as" Keystone Light is brewed by Coors Brewery (now Molson Coors) and back then Coors beers were like "gold" as Coors didn't ship beer to Connecticut and the East Coast of America.