Saturday, August 22, 2009


YouTube - Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio I've always kind of liked this song. (check out the You Tube video link of Stan Ridgeway and "Wall of Voodoo" singing "Mexican Radio"). I just ate some barbecued ribs and this got me to thinking, "I wonder what barbecued iguana from Tijuana, Mexico would taste like? Would barbecued iguana taste as good as barbecued chicken or ribs? What kind of sauce would be best for barbecuing iguana? I think iguanas may taste a little "leathery" as the iguana being a reptile looks to me that it wouldn't be that tasty although many people say that a lot of animals taste like chicken. I confess that I have never had barbecued iguana, or even baked,sauteed, fried,or roasted iguana. I've never tried cream of iguana soup or frankly any type of iguana.

Can someone out there tell me their experiences with eating iguana and which store has the best selection of iguana where you live? I'm sure someone has a favorite iguana recipe that perhaps they would like to share. After all, eating iguana must be a fairly popular food,(at least in Mexico), or why else in this classic song "Mexican Radio" would they show someone barbecuing an iguana? Thanks in advance for your iguana cooking ideas.