Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This "friendly guest" who said his name was "Elmo", (see post below "Friendly Guest") didn't have any money but needed a place to sleep while visiting Cape Cod particularly as he turned "beet red" from an extreme sunburn.

Since he was "dollar less" as well as "penniless" we put him to work making copies in the office of the Soundings motel as a trade for staying in a room at this oceanfront property. In addition we made "Elmo" change some light bulbs above the indoor pool as well as retrieve a lost kite for one of the guests. "Elmo" said he is not afraid of heights and is pretty light weight so we attached some fishing line to his feet and he was able to retrieve the lost kite for little Timmy. Little Timmy was flying his kite on the beach when his kite became tangled in a power line on the hotel next door and was about five hundred feet in the air above the utility pole. Poor little Timmy went crying to his Mommy and Daddy about the kite as this kite was a birthday present for his fourth birthday.

Timmy's parents went to the front desk and asked if anyone could please help their distraught son retrieve his kite. "Elmo" heard the parent's plea and volunteered to retrieve the kite. "Elmo" jumped into the air and into the wind like a kite himself while we held the fishing line attached to his feet. Little Timmy was overjoyed to get his precious kite back and gave "Elmo" a hug and a tickle. "Mr.Elmo sir" said little Timmy, "You are my hero."

"Aw shucks", said the friendly guest "Elmo", "That was nothing. Maybe some day when you are a big boy you can help someone your age retrieve their kite."