Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Do You Like to wear a dress?"

In 1969 as a freshman at Simsbury High School in Simsbury, Connecticut a fellow freshman and friend Barry Ryan told me that a student named "Tom" who had a reputation as a "tough guy" approached him and said what Barry thought was, "Do you like to wear a dress?" Barry replied "N0". In reality "Tom" said "Do you like the way I dress?' "Tom" then started to hassle Barry and threaten to start a fight.

I worked for Culman Brothers tobacco company that Summer and "Tom" was working as well that year in the tobacco fields. One day "Tom" started ripping the tee shirts of some of the young fellow tobacco workers while we were traveling by bus from one tobacco field to the next field. "Tom" came up to me and started to rip the back of my tee shirt. I in turn ripped his tee shirt. From that day on "Tom" didn't bother me.

I'm a believer in an "eye for an eye". Also, a shirt for a shirt.