Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Guardrails, First Step In An "Addadecktomy"

Yesterday carpenter Bob from Chatham, Mass. just finished installing new guardrails on top of my enclosed porch. The new guardrails are made of pressure treated wood and are forty inches high replacing a twenty inch decorative railing which was coming apart and rotting after over twenty years of fighting the weather elements.
This flat roof is covered with rubberized material and is super hot on a Summer day.
My next project is to figure out how to install some type of stairway or access to this upper flat roof area as this location would provide me with a nice view of Swan Pond across the street. I then have to decide if my house wants an " addadecktomy" and if so what kind of deck material to use for this upper roof area. The rubber roof besides being hot has also slightly oxidized over the years so if you walk on or touch the surface you get a fine coating of black dust from the roof.
Time will tell when I proceed with the future improvements as an "addadecktomy" can sometimes be a tricky and expensive operation.