Monday, August 31, 2009


Although his art gallery is located on Easy Street on Nantucket harbor; paintings by America's premier hard edged realist artist James Cromartie are not quick and easy. I took a boat trip to Nantucket on August 27th this year with my parents and we noticed this interesting art gallery operated by artists in residence James Cromartie and his partner Kerry Hallam who does brilliantly colored landscapes,seascapes and potraits.

Mr. Cromartie's hard edged realist painting style is remarkable for his detail and photographic appearance along with symmetry and balance. Even observing his paintings up close you cannot notice any brush strokes. My Mom,Dad, and I had a nice conversation with this affable artist who originally hailed from North Carolina but now makes Nantucket his home.

Mr. Cromartie took my Dad and I into his back room where he showed us his current Nantucket beach scene that he was working on as well as telling us some stories about some of the paintings that he has painted in the past such as The White House, The United States Capital Building,The Supreme Court Building, and The Smithsonian Institute Building all located in Washington, D.C. The U.S. Capital Building took seven months to complete and The White House painting took four months. The White House painting is featured in an art history book "Art Talk" and prints of his painting are given to tourists and visiting dignitaries.

Some of Mr. Cromartie's original patrons include Nelson Rockefeller and Roy Firestone. Tom Brokaw and also Princess Diana have also purchased James Cromartie paintings.

It was a pleasure to meet this outstanding artist and gentleman.