Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marge "Silly Rabbit"

My friend Claire who works with me at the Soundings motel told me an interesting story that I thought I would pass along. Claire at one time used to work at a jewelry kiosk at the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis, Mass. At this kiosk Claire worked with a lady (let's call her Marge). Marge was divorced and had a special needs son who lived with her. Marge was about forty-five years old at the time and had an off-Cape boyfriend (let's call him Earl) who was about sixty-five years old with thinning white hair, tall, and looked like he was pregnant due to his large beer belly. One day Earl came down to Cape Cod to see Marge and stopped by the jewelry kiosk where Claire and Marge were working and Claire was introduced to Earl for the first time. Claire at that time had light reddish hair.

A couple of month's passed by and Claire was home one evening with her husband and she received a phone call. Claire answered the phone, "Hello". Marge had called Claire, "Claire, this is Marge, I know you've been having an affair with Earl, he admitted to me that he has been seeing someone on Cape Cod with red hair and I know it is you!" Claire said, "WHAT? What are you talking about? I'm here at my house watching tv with my husband." Marge's voice was somewhat slurred and she had problems with alcohol in the past. Claire said, "Where are you calling from? Is something wrong?" Marge said, "I'm calling from the police station, I was just arrested for drunk driving as I was so upset about learning about Earl cheating on me and I know he's been seeing you!" Claire told me she would never be tempted to have an affair with Earl.

Marge never returned to her job at the jewelry kiosk. Claire mentioned as well that Marge also had a job one Easter season at the mall. Marge took a job as an Easter bunny. She had to wear a furry bunny suit and pose for pictures with small children at the mall as their mothers paid for the pictures and watched their child with the Easter bunny. Apparently being an Easter bunny has its disadvantages as the furry bunny suit can get quite hot. One day it was so hot inside the bunny suit for Marge at the Easter bunny garden that Marge said she passed out and fell spread eagle to the floor from the intense heat. They had to call an ambulance to revive Marge and all the little children waiting in line started crying as they thought that the Easter bunny had died.