Monday, August 24, 2009


Yesterday at the Soundings Motel in Dennisport,Mass on Cape Cod we had a "friendly guest " appear at the front desk and try to rent a room for the night. It was a hot and sunny day here at this beach front resort and this pale guest first arrived at 10:00 am. to try to check in. We told him that the check in time was 3:00 pm. but that he could wait on the beach until then and come back when the rooms were cleaned.
This pale guest went to the beach, (he said his name was " Elmo").
"Elmo" returned at 3:00 pm. bright as a red lobster as apparently he forgot to wear a hat and didn't put on any sun screen. He still had his ever present smile even though he must have been in agony from his extreme sun burn. I shook his hand and he started to giggle as he said he was extremely ticklish.
We told "Elmo" the cost of the room in U.S. money and he said "Money, what is that?" We said, "MR.Elmo sir, don't you have some money in your pocket?". "Elmo" replied, "Pockets?, What are pockets?". This Mr. "Elmo" though he was friendly, always smiling, seemed a little unreal. He didn't have any money,pockets, or apparently any common sense as he stayed in the sun too long. "Elmo" was acting like a complete "air head".