Thursday, August 20, 2009


Darn, I should have taken a picture before I ate it! I just consumed a striped bass fillet that Eric, a guest and vacation owner at the Soundings motel in Dennis Port, gave me as he and his son recently went on a charter boat fishing trip and returned with several "keeper" striped bass fish.

Striped bass has a white texture and doesn't taste "fishy" like other types of fish such as blue fish. I cooked the striped bass fillet in the oven with olive oil, lime juice, bread crumbs, and Jim Beam bourbon. It came out great! I then sprinkled a pinch of home made sea salt on top to complete this dish along with a few garden fresh string beans and peas. I topped off this meal with a cold mug of Coors Light beer (silver bullet).

Thanks again Eric ! Now I'm off to play volleyball and work off this memorable meal.