Saturday, August 29, 2009


YouTube - KOSHER DUCKS On Thursday August 27th, 2009 I went to Nantucket Island with my parents for the day on the Hy-Line boat Great Point out of Hyannis Harbor. We ate lunch at "The Brotherhood of Thieves" restaurant. My Mom and I had Cuban Pork sandwiches with blue cheese on a bulky roll with cheese soup and bacon. We also split an order of "curly fries" as "The Brotherhood" is known for these fries which are quite long and curly. Not sure how they make these kind of fries. I remember them though from thirty-three years ago when I last ate at "The Brotherhood".

After the lunch we walked along the Nantucket harbor and I saw this small fleet of ducks swimming in the harbor and decided that we should feed them some of the left over Cuban pork sandwich. (Click on the You Tube link above "Kosher Ducks".) The ducks ate the bread portion of the sandwich but didn't touch the pieces of Cuban pork. They must be "Kosher Ducks" as my Dad said or maybe they are anti-communist ducks and won't eat anything associated with Cuba. Maybe these ducks are vegetarians or maybe the ducks are kosher vegetarian anti-communist ducks.

Then again, maybe these ducks had bacon,sausage,ham,and peperoni for breakfast and just had their fill of pork products for the day. I asked the ducks about this and all they said was "quack, quack" which didn't make sense to me.