Saturday, August 8, 2009


Had any good cumquats lately? These delicious fruits look like mini-oranges and can be eaten whole the skin and all. I brought some kumquats one time to a Yankee swap Christmas party and everyone there enjoyed them. Anita Bryant was famous for the phrase ,"Orange juice, "Its not just for breakfast anymore!" in her famous television commercials for the Florida citrus industry. Well, I know from person experience that "cumquats, they are not just for breakfast anymore!"

Kumquats originated in China and are also found in Japan. You can also see cumquats growing in the Middle East,Greece,Florida, and California among other places. The eight to fifteen feet tall kumquat trees are said to be heartier than orange trees.

It is said on "Wikopedia" that a mixture of a few salted cumquats, brine juice, and hot water are a good thing to drink if you have a sore throat. It is good to cure a sore throat as soon as you can as you should strive to protect your uvula. " Saturday Night Live" had a skit a long time ago with comedic actors Chevy Chase, Laraine Newman, and the late Gilda Radner where they discussed uvula care in a sort of public service announcement with the famous line "It'll behoove ya to take care of your uvula."

I remember that in one of the W.C. Fields movies W.C. said something like "Come here my little kumquat" probably to Mae West but I'm not sure.

So, remember "A cumquat a day keeps the doctor away" and for goodness sake "Take care of your uvula!'